10 Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin

You look with envy at the skin of your friends who seem perfect. But having beautiful skin is not just a matter of chance or heredity.

We must put in place good reflexes and banish our bad habits which, over the time, end up damaging our skin. In this article, we have selected ten super simple skin care tips for you!

1. Wash your face properly

To have a beautiful skin, you must wash your face daily. But be careful, do not use soap because it is too aggressive. Instead, turn to treatments that will be respectful of your skin. Do not use the same products for oily skin as for dry skin.

2. Don’t forget to remove your makeup

You come back late in the evening and you want to slip under your sheets without going through to the bathroom. It’s a big mistake. You can not go to bed without removing your makeup (and brushing your teeth, of course). Makeup clogs your pores and prevents your skin from breathing and regenerating at night. A little bit of micellar water will be enough if you are really very tired.

3. Hydrate daily

Moisturizing your skin is essential. But again, you have to find the right skincare for your skin type. Just because you have oily skin does not mean that you have to give up hydration. Some mattifying care or some dry oils will allow your skin to regain its elasticity without shine. Hydration is the best anti-wrinkle.

4. Watch out for scrubs

Scrubs are essential to keep a beautiful skin, but be careful not to use them too frequently. One scrub a week will remove dead skin, but do not do more at the risk of attacking the skin. The choice of scrub, is again, essential. Choose soft products preferably.

5. Beware of the sun

When the weather is nice, we are not always careful to protect ourselves from the sun’s rays. However, these rays represent a real danger for your skin: they accelerate the ageing of your cells and increase the risk of developing melanoma. Be very careful especially during the hours when the sun is at its strongest.

6. Quit smoking

The cigarette is the worst enemy of the skin. Tobacco causes skin ageing, especially in the face. In fact, tobacco smoke modifies the activity of the proteins that regulate the renewal of skin cells. In addition, tobacco clogs the pores of the skin and creates unsightly black spots.

7. Think about washing your makeup brushes

You do not think enough about washing your makeup brushes; however, they carry many bacteria that are applied to clean skin. If you have small wounds, you will risk developing infections. To wash them, immerse them for a few minutes in a bowl with a teaspoon of baking soda, rinse them and you’re done.

8. Drink plenty of water

You have to drink a lot to stay healthy. It is also true to keep a beautiful skin. Avoid sugary drinks, just tea or water. To be pleasing and plump, the skin must be well hydrated outside, but also from the inside.

9. Stop squeezing the skin

You hate your face imperfections to the point of squeezing one as soon as you see it? It’s a stupid reflex, because it does not help, on the contrary. Your hands are not necessarily clean to begin with, so you are at risk of infecting your skin. But that’s not all: you will leave on your face redness, which will be much worse than the small imperfection that you were the only one to see.

10. Avoid hot showers

The last tip we could give you would be to avoid hot showers. These hot showers are very nice, but it’s clearly not the best for your skin. What you can do is take a warm shower and finish with cold water especially on the face.

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