6 Tips for Dealing With the Excessive Emotions

When faced with a stressful or unexpected event, many seek to fight against their emotions or repress them. This attitude is exhausting and can make us lose our means. On the contrary, we must listen to our emotions that allow us to know ourselves better.

Learn how to manage your emotions and make them allies! Here are six helpful remedies when we feel completely overwhelmed by emotions:

1. Breathe

Lie on your back and breathe calmly and deeply through your stomach. Let yourself be moved by emotion, do not try to chase or control it. As we saw above, if you do not intervene, the emotion will fade away.

Again, just let yourself go through this wave of emotions and thoughts that overwhelms you without intervention.

2. Walk

Are you still in the mood? Do something concrete: physical or manual exercise, walking…

The advantage of walking is that it is naturally re-balancing for our body.

3. Anticipate

In the same way that you prepare for an exam, you can prepare for this “psychic phenomenon”.

When you are calm, relax by breathing deeply through the belly and visualize a situation with the emotion that usually disturbs you. You will be much better able to define the right attitude to adopt in this situation.

As with stress, the best way to manage an emotion is to anticipate it.

4. Use your past to break free

Did you experience a strong or violent emotion? When you are calm, lie down and breathe deeply through your stomach. Close your eyes and re-visualize the scene with hindsight and detachment.

You will better understand what has really happened and will be able to free you from it more easily. At first we may have difficulty channeling our mind that will seem to “go in all directions”.

This is where the development of inner concentration will be of great help.

5. Acquire self-confidence

A lack of self-confidence is regularly the source of the emotions that go through us. People who lack confidence in themselves will be more easily hurt by a remark against them or will be more easily overwhelmed by their emotions when faced with a difficult situation. We recommend in this regard this article on self-confidence.

6. Get to the root of the problem

As we have seen, an emotion is linked to our perception of reality. Often unconscious, this perception is related to our experience. It is by going to the root of the emotion that we will be able to free ourselves from it.

To do this, it is a question of detecting the personal history that is attached to the emotion. This is acquired through training, thanks in particular to meditation and inner concentration that will allow us to “stay there”, to root in the moment to “see” objectively what happens when an emotion s rise in us without trying to control or judge it.

Taming or managing emotions requires patience and perseverance, but then we finally feel the joy and happiness of being able to “ride” this wild horse that can then transport us to a fully fulfilling life.

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