7 Effective Tips for Perfect Buttocks

Beautiful and plump buttocks, this is the dream of many women (and men!) especially at the approach of sunny days. Unfortunately, Christmas, New Year's, all-day celebrations and upcoming Easter chocolates do not really help to get in shape. These very simple solutions can be very useful.

Summer is coming and many are taking the opportunity to work on getting thinner, to gain muscle or simply to spend more time outdoors. Generally, getting shapely buttocks is one of the goals that new athletes set. Fortunately, there are simple and effective tips. To start, you need to know what constitutes the buttocks. There are 3 muscles: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. The last one gives the curved aspect that is so much sought after. The other two tone the hips. Ready to improve your buttocks? Follow the next advice…

1. Treat your buttocks before, during and after a shower

To have beautiful buttocks, we must take care. This makes sense. In the shower, a scrub can reduce cellulite. Note that essential oils can also help fight cellulite. Always massage the skin from the bottom to the top by circling. After a shower, it is recommended to put a jet of cold water on the buttocks. This helps firm the tissues. This is also true for the thighs and belly.

2. Protein, a major ally

Everything (or almost everything) is gained through a good diet. To build your buttocks or another part of the body, you need protein. Fish and white meats are assets. Obviously, we must not eat only that, fruits and vegetables are essential for a balanced diet. We must read the packaging to avoid saturated fat. These are synonymous with flaccid buttocks because they promote the storage of fat.

3. Walk for the sake of the buttocks

Before embarking on complex physical exercises, you should know that walking is a great way to build your buttocks. But this must be done correctly. At each step, you have to push on the heels. The legs should also perform well for better efficiency. Also, climbing stairs helps strengthen the muscular effort. Just by walking, the buttocks and back thighs are more muscular.

4. "The chair" exercise for just 60 seconds a day

To make progress quickly, you have to do exercises. These do not require special equipment. "The chair" exercise  is recommended. Standing with you back to the wall, squat down to form a right angle between the thighs and the back. The idea is to make an imaginary chair. This small 60-second exercise should be repeated daily.

5. Series of crossed slots

With a little more time, other exercises are easily done at home. Like crossed lunges. The beginning of the exercise is done standing with feet apart and hands on hips. The right leg should be stretched to the side before crossing behind the left leg by bending the knees. The feet should be aligned and the angles of the knees should be straight. Finally, return to its starting position before starting from the other side. Each series consists of 10 movements and must be repeated 4 times with intervals of one minute of rest between each.

6. The elastic band, the secret of concrete muscles

This accessory is very easily found in sports shops. There are several uses for working the buttocks properly like extending the hips to the ground. Initially, you must lie on the left side, the left arm extended to the ground, your head resting on it, your right hand on the ground and the elastic band connected to both ankles. Bend both feet and raise the right leg until it pulls too much and we stay at this height 3 seconds before going down slowly. A series of 12 (6 on the right, 6 on the left) repeated 3 times seems a good start.

7. Fake it

In the meantime, it is always possible to invest in sculpting clothes. Push-up pants are a huge success in this area. To find a good quality, it costs between $20 to $45. Leggings also exist. You can find them in supermarkets.

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