7 White Clay Uses for Beauty That You Did Not Know

White clay, also called kaolin or kaolinite was discovered in China, on the hill of Kaoling, although we can find it all over the world.

Originally, white clay was used for therapeutic purposes, but nowadays white clay is one of the most used ingredients in natural cosmetics. Its qualities are not limited to external use, it is also known for its medicinal and healing qualities when ingested.

White clay and all its applications

White clay is so versatile that we can find it in the fields of pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and even in the production of porcelain or painting. It has a great absorbing power due to its high content of silicon, aluminum and mineral salts, as well as being an excellent antiseptic. Ready to discover the beauty uses of it? Here are 7 of them to start with:

1. White clay in facial masks

Kaolin clay is less aggressive to the skin, but not less effective. In facial preparations, it is an excellent seboregulatory mask, but also exfoliates the skin by absorbing impurities. It has a moisturizing effect, since, unlike other known clays, the kaolin maintains moisture in the hydrolipidic mantle of the skin; softening and soothing effect.

Enhance the properties of kaolin by mixing it with other organic and natural ingredients such as vegetable oils or essential oils.

2. As a shampoo or hair mask

It is an excellent ally for the scalp and hair. Applying kaolin mixed with a chamomile infusion and a few drops of tea tree essential oil on the scalp, calms it and absorbs unnecessary sebum from the skin; as well as all the impurities of our scalp and our hair.

It can be used as a mask on the scalp, making a pasty preparation or diluting it with hydrolates or infusions, like a natural shampoo to clean our hair. You can add essential oils such as lavender, mint or orange.

3. As a home remedy for psoriasis and dermatitis

Apply the white clay in the form of a poultice and relieve any sensation of itching, burns or peeling on the skin. Kaolin is an excellent ally against psoriasis and dermatitis because it refreshes the area to be treated and does not dry it out when applied.

Apply the white clay poultices generously without any risk to health, but if you mix it with some plant or essential oil you must take into account the indications of all the ingredients.

4. White clay for pregnant women

If you are pregnant, white clay can serve as a magnificent ally against stretch marks, applying the kaolin mixed with argan oil and letting it rest a few minutes to act.

Kaolin is perfectly suitable for pregnant at the topical level and in its natural state, as it provides many benefits and is not aggressive to the skin.

5. As homemade toothpaste

There is also the possibility of making toothpaste with white clay. You can find multiple recipes online.

6. For the digestive system

Ingested, white clay cleans the organism of heavy metals and is an excellent ally for the digestive system for its ability to absorb bacteria and viruses. It also absorbs gases, and toxins, so it is useful in cases of swelling or food poisoning.

The white clay also acts as a gastric protector since it regulates acidity and pH. It can be very useful for heartburn, heartburn or ulcers. In addition, its healing and anti-inflammatory effect acts to protect the mucous membranes.

If you want to benefit from the effects of white clay in your digestive system it is important that you receive professional advice and make sure that you take kaolin certified for food use. You can find it in a herbalist or store specializing in natural cosmetics.

7. White clay deodorant

White clay is an excellent natural deodorant, thanks to its absorbent power and its antiseptic properties. Applied in talcum powder, it reduces sweat and eliminates odor.

Have you tried any of these applications of white clay? Do you know any more? Tell us everything in the comments section!

Until the next post, take care and pamper yourself from the inside out.

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